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Over the 35 plus years that I have been active with the Golden Retriever Breed; health and temperament have become a major concern. This has become such an important issue to me, that I have begun importing English Golden Retrievers from other countries, hoping to mix the American Golden Retriever bloodlines.

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My intent is to produce a beautiful Golden Retriever, with an improved immune system, good health and a wonderful mellow temperament.

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When it comes to breeding the best Golden Retrievers possible, there is no breeder more committed than the professionals at Saddle Creek Farms. This Ventura, California-based kennel offers only the best, so if you’re looking for a Golden Retriever Puppy for Sale, look no further than Saddle Creek Farms.

Top Reasons to Come to Us for Your Golden Retriever Puppies:

1. At Saddle Creek Farms we have more than 35 years of experience as a Golden Retriever Breeder.

2. To avoid too much line and in-breeding, and to improve temperament and health, we import English Golden's from Canada and the United Kingdom.

3. Both our Boys and our Girls are among the most beautiful Golden Retrievers you’ll find anywhere.

4. Our goal as a Golden Retriever Breeder is to produce the healthiest dogs possible.

5. There is nothing more loyal than a smiling Golden Retriever, and you can find your perfect Golden Retriever Puppy for sale at Saddle Creek Farms.

Other Golden Retriever Breeders look to Saddle Creek Farms as an example of excellence in dog breeding, but the true test of a good breeder is the smiles on the faces of the owners that you see on the pages of this website. We invite you to look at the photos here of some of our beautiful Golden Retriever Puppies, then contact us and let us know you are interested in adopting a new best friend.

The Saddle Creek Farms Difference

Our efforts to import new bloodlines from as far away as England, Canada and New Zealand have resulted in our success at producing Golden Retriever Puppies that are not only beautiful and healthy, but of good temperament. Our goal is to become the Golden Retriever Breeder by which other breeders are judged and to produce Golden Retriever Puppies that are head and shoulders above the rest.

Through careful breeding, we have reduced many of the inherent problems experienced by Golden Retriever Breeders. All the dogs used in our breeding program have been given hip, elbow, heart and eye clearances, virtually eliminating some of the most common problems found in the breed. We’ve accomplished this through painstaking research to find the best dogs in the breed, including English Golden's, which we bring to Saddle Creek Farms to produce some of the world’s best Golden Retriever Puppies.
For information on our upcoming litters, and to find your new Golden Retriever Puppy for Sale, contact us at 800 887 4972.

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